Are you looking for a design partner that can work with your budget and deliver eXtraordinary results?

I offer multiple options for interior design in Houston.


An interior design consultation is always the first step in the decorating process, after meeting you of course.  There is a 1 hour minimum for consultations with pricing starting at $200, based on the project and input required.  

A consultation can be a fraction of the cost of full interior design services u0026amp; there is no  further obligation.  

Depending on time, budget, and your design priorities, your consultation may include space planning, minor interior construction planning, color consultation, and multiple options for your specific project.

Note: Full interior design services include an initial consultation fee which will then be applied to the full cost of the project.

I do not upsell, mark up, or make a commission on purchases.

If you are ready to see what we might accomplish together, book a discovery call to find out what to expect when you work with me.

Or if you’re ready to get started on your next project, book your design consultation today!

Rotunda Foyer


The Xtraordinary Room Remix is perfect for you if you want to work on 1 specific room and already have a set budget, many of your own furnishings u0026amp; accessories and you just need help pulling it all together to create your perfect space.

There are 4 packages to choose from based on your budget and your needs, and a Room Remix can be completed virtually (eDesign) or traditionally.

Check out the possibilities for the {e}Xtraordinary Room Remix.


Additional design services are by request only and include:

  • Space Planning
  • Color Consultation
  • Organizing
  • Staging
  • eDesign
  • Events u0026amp; Holidays

Contact me directly to discuss these options.


Up front costs

Full interior design services include an initial consultation fee which will then be applied to the full cost of the project.  XbD requires the amount budgeted for purchases to be rendered at the start of the project (i.e., when the design contract is signed).  Additionally, a portion of the agreed upon service estimate will be due when the contract is signed.

Unforeseen costs

If an independent contractor must be employed, you will be informed beforehand.  Since contractor fees can vary, this is a cost that will be included in your estimate; you will not need to deal with the contractor in any way. Specially requested custom projects may incur an additional fee and are individually assessed per project.

Every project is as unique as every client; and of course, every budget deserves great design!  The information above is intended as a guide only.  Please contact me directly to discuss your specific project needs.  I look forward to meeting and working with you!