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holistic interior designer, sustainable interior designer

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All interior design services are available as virtual options due to the way COVID-19 has affected the world.

Please have a look at my eDesign (Virtual) packages & feel free to contact me directly to see how I can help you design or re-design your home during this time.

Creating beautifully sustainable spaces since 2006

We are a family owned company with a passion for helping people feel great at home! Defined by our core values, we are committed to sustainability & well being, and fully focused on our clients. We listen to your wants & needs to make your home uniquely YOU and never upsell or cross-sell based on trends or profitability. We are here for YOU.

1 Peter 4:10

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I’ve worked with kids, Millenials, Empty Nesters & everyone in between.
I can help you take the next step regardless of what your challenge(s) may be.

Houston Interior Decorator - N'Ckyola Green
Houston Interior Decorator - N'Ckyola Green

Are you looking for a design partner who can work with your budget & deliver extraordinary results? As a Houston area interior decorator, I offer multiple design options that include 2D & 3D renderings so you’ll know exactly what to expect, every step of the way.

My signature offering, The Xtraordinary Room Remix, is perfect if you have a set budget, many of your own furnishings & accessories, and simply need help pulling together your perfect space. I plan practical layouts & finishes that reflect your personal style & stand the test of time.

A 100% virtual collaboration between you & me! I’ll provide you with a full plan for your space, including renderings, shopping lists, tips & advice.
You execute at your own pace, with my help.
You get ME, virtually!

Holistic Houston Interior Decorator Sustainable Design Green Design

holistic & sustainable Houston interior decorator

Houston Interior Decorator Houston Interior Designer


You’ll find me talking all things home whether it’s advice/opinion, how I got started, or why interior design is my purpose.

4th House on the Right | Xtraordinary by Design feature in Best Life

4th House on the Right | Xtraordinary by Design feature in Zing by Quicken Loans

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