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Hi, I’m N’Ckyola (people also know me as Nikki).  I started Xtraordinary by Design in 2006 to help people decorate their homes & offices without the limits of trends & budgets.  

Since then I have seen a transformation in client’s lifestyles & mindset about their homes & the items they love.  I began to see that more than buying “stuff” and following trends, most people really want to have what they love & love what they have.  

Because of this, I shifted my focus – my goal with Xtraordinary by Design is to bring great style home by consciously decorating for the people and for the planet. 

With a focus on Green Design, I work with you to help you reuse and up-cycle what you truly love, recycle what you don’t, and find the right pieces to polish off your space in your own unique style.

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You have a unique ability to use my own things and make them look great. I don’t know how you do it, but I love that!

Darlene Cypress, TX

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