About XbD

About XbD

My Mission

Hi, I’m N’Ckyola (people also know me as Nikki).  I started Xtraordinary by Design in 2006 to help people decorate their homes & offices without the limits of trends & budgets.

Since then I have seen a transformation in client’s lifestyles & mindset about their homes & the items they love.  I began to see that more than buying “stuff” and following trends, most people really want to have what they love & love what they have.

Because of this, I shifted my focus – my goal with Xtraordinary by Design is to bring great style home by consciously decorating for the people and for the planet.

With a focus on Green Design, I work with you to help you reuse and up-cycle what you truly love, recycle what you don’t, and find the right pieces to polish off your space in your own unique style.

Every space should have 2 things in common – 1.  A story or a little history, and 2. A simple splurge.  Let’s say you LOVE your grandparent’s old wing chairs, use them!  Pair them with a beautiful new rug or recover them in a stunning fabric you found while traveling.

Great design should reflect your lifestyle and interests in form, function, and sustainability – it is always evolving and adapting.  I enjoy the thrill of the hunt for eXtraordinary finds and the challenge of creating gorgeously functional spaces.

My services are tailored to each client’s wants and needs, so no two projects are ever alike. Whether you need a few ideas to get you started, help bringing your own ideas to life, or want a specific project completed from start to finish, I am here to help.  I listen to your needs and suggest a plan that works for you.

If you are thinking of hiring a decorator or designer but still have questions,
have a look at the FAQ’s below to get a better idea of what I do.


1  going beyond what is usual, regular, or customary
2  noticeably different from what is generally found or experienced

Working With Me

Working with a decorator can be overwhelming, but it can also save you loads of time, money, and headaches.  Although many designers and decorators have similar business practices, every one is as different as every client.  Here I’ll answer some questions that I get regularly about working with me.

Who am I?

My name is Nikki Green and I am a Professional Decorator.  My company, Xtraordinary by Design, has been decorating event spaces since 2003 and interiors since 2006.

What do I do?

I help you love your home 1 room at a time by using as much of what you already have as possible, and upcycling or recycling the rest.  I help you plan your spaces to fit your life and style while still leaving you room to explore and expand upon your interior décor.

You have a unique ability to use my own things and make them look great.  I don’t know how you do it, but I love that!   ~~Darlene

How do I do it?

I listen.  To you, your needs, your wants, your budget, your fears, your stories, your history.  YOU.

I analyze.  Your needs, your wants, your budget, your fears, your space.

I design.  On paper, in 2D and 3D, and finally, upon your approval, in your space.

I was nervous, but Mrs. Green put my nerves to ease. She came and took down my ideas, colors, and suggestions and put them all together and came back with color schemes for me to review.  I felt [so] comfortable with her choices that we were bold enough to say “we are leaving for the weekend -surprise me”.  When we returned I felt like it was a brand new house all over again, everything was beautiful.  ~~Alicia L.

Do I specialize in a particular design style?

While my personal style is transitional, I LOVE color and have had a great time designing (and coveting) spaces that are eclectic, modern, traditional, and contemporary.

More importantly, I have focus on “Green Design”.  I reuse as much as possible & recycle what I can’t – whether through donations or my local recycling center – with the goal of creating beautifully functional spaces

What makes me different from the next designer or decorator?

What sets me apart is my approach and my vision – “Every budget deserves great design”.  I approach every project with the goal of delivering extraordinary results.  I am realistic about what can and cannot be done and I work diligently to stay within budget by focusing on your priorities and performing most, if not all, of the work without employing sub-contractors.

One last thing that sets me apart, beyond my Green Design mission – I do not up-sell, mark up, or make a commission on purchases.

Xtraordinary by Design has been so professional. She is able to capture your needs and wants and turn them into an appealing space in your home that you are happy to come home to. She is also great about operating within your budget. She is able to produce that “Wow” factor!  ~~D.D.

How much does it cost to work with me?

A much harder question to answer, costs start at $200 for an in-home consultation.  Full design services are only quoted after a consultation and based on the space and the amount of work and materials expected to complete the project.  Additionally, there are several options for eDesign that do not require an in-home consultation.

Can I give you a cost estimate without an in-home consultation based on what you tell me you need?

Every space and every client is different; my services are specific to you and your space.  Because of this, there is no realistic way of providing an estimate without seeing the space and talking with you about your needs and wants.  For this reason, I always do a short (approximately 20 minute) initial free consultation to get an idea of who you are and determine if we are a fit.  Even eDesign requires that I see photos and/or videos of your space as well as speaking with you directly.

What happens if you do not like the final design or a particular aspect of the final design?

Since you have final approval of the design plan, any changes after work has begun or is complete will require a change order and may incur additional fees.

If you are not completely satisfied with any of the workmanship or materials used in your project, you may request changes within 10 days of your final invoice.

Customized items and labor are non-refundable.

Mrs. Green helped us to renovate our school library. She was professional and hands on. She stayed with the project from its conception to the end. One of her gifts is to see the details that we could not; she listened, followed through, when she did not agree with an idea, she took the time to explain why the idea would not work. For example, she painted a wall but realized that the color was not matched well with another color in the room, and she hand mixed the color herself.  You will probably find her on a ladder right now painting and repairing things herself. ~~ A. Thompson

You have a set budget to work with and you’re afraid it may not be enough for what you want.  What are your options?

That’s great!  You have conquered half the battle – your budget!  During our consultation, I can tell you if your budget is realistic for what you would like to accomplish.

If it is not, don’t worry!  Depending on how much time we spend together, your consultation may include enough information to get you started on your own (i.e., space planning, color palette, etc.)

If you want to pay a specific amount and get very specific help from me without an in-home consultation, consider an eDesign package.  I offer several to fit a range of budgets and needs.

Are there any reasons I would NOT take your project?

If you are not ready to dive in to the adventure and love your home, I will not push.  You may not be ready to hire a decorator quite yet.  You may need time to think it over or perhaps you’re just in a place of uncertainty.  Either way, YOU and only you know what you want, need, and what’s important to you!  I’d love to help you make your house a home – when YOU are ready.

Until then, you can get money saving ideas just by sharing your name and email address to stay in touch.  Your information is never shared with anyone else AND you’ll get my guide to Perfect Layouts for Living Rooms and updates from the XbD Blog.

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you!

Our partnership will result in a truly one of a kind experience.  You work hard; you should come home to spaces that make your heart sing – everyone deserves that.   Contact me anytime – I’d love to be a part of your next project!