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Nikki G, Interior Decorator

Hi, I’m Nikki. I started Xtraordinary by Design in 2006 to help people decorate their homes & offices on a budget. Since then I have seen a transformation in client’s lifestyles & mindset about their homes & the items they love. I began to see that more than buying “stuff” and following trends, most people really want to have what they love & love what they have. Because of this, I shifted my focus – my goal with Xtraordinary by Design is to bring great style home by consciously decorating for the people and for the planet. With a focus on Green Design, I work with you to help you reuse and up-cycle what you truly love, recycle what you don’t, and find the right pieces to polish off your space in your own unique style.

The Latest on the Blog

2017 Color of the Year Roundup

The "color of the year" concept that Pantone started back in 2000 has been around for 17 years now.  Since then, other companies have started to introduce their own picks for color of the year.  There's some debate on whether there is any 1 clear authority on the subject anymore (except for the fact that Pantone's color of the year influences more than design itself).  Either way, I like the healthy competition, innovation, & range... read more→

Let's Talk About Good Art

They say that art, or the reaction to it, is subjective.  It may be, but I say talent is talent.  I may not like something but I would have to acknowledge the talent of the person who created it.  I wouldn't be able to do it, so if nothing else that is saying something.Now that the niceties are out of the way, let's talk about good art.I wouldn't call myself an art snob; I don't... read more→

DIY Marble Tile Tabletop

When I decided to remix our master bedroom for the ORC, I wanted to use an antique vanity that I got at a community garage sale.  The table had no top and I really wanted to top it with a marble slab.  Time & cost didn't let me do that so instead I decided to create my own tabletop.  I wanted to share with you how to tile a tabletop, my way.This is for square or... read more→

Never Leave IKEA Without These 10 Things

There are people who turn their noses up at big box stores and then there are those of us who know & appreciate their value.  The biggest of the big boxes has to be IKEA.  I know people who make regularly scheduled pilgrimages to IKEA whether they have a specific project going on or not.  I am one of them!I'm lucky enough to have an IKEA store in my city so it's not a bad... read more→

One Room Challenge Week 6 | Master Bedroom Reveal!

Well y'all, it's week 6 of the ORC and that means it's time for... Our Master Bedroom REVEAL!  I have vacuumed my bedroom for the first time in 3 weeks and I never knew it could feel so good!  No we are not lazy or dirty, there was just no reason to do it until I was done with all the dirty work - literally. In case you missed it & want to catch up from... read more→

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