Decorating Sabotage
How long have you been in your home?  Do you absolutely love it? Do you get the warm fuzzies when you walk in?  If you have to think about it and you don’t absolutely LOVE what you see when you walk in the door, it […]

Are You Sabotaging Your Decorating Efforts?

Floor to Ceiling
Decorators and designers love to talk style. We talk about our style, our clients’ style, other people’s style.  One thing that we don’t give up too readily is information about little things that are killing your overall style.  We also don’t tell you how easily […]

8 Bathroom Decorating Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Several years ago I started doing (very) small furniture makeovers here and there, nothing that required more than a little primer and some spray paint or fabric and a staple gun.  And I didn’t do anything of the sort in ANY of my client projects.  But […]

Update Your Decor with these 5 Quick Low-Cost Furniture Makeovers

Well, I finished up my last project of 2015 just in time for my client to welcome holiday guests. This is a guest room that I’d love to stay in!  This room remix involved solving a few design dilemmas including paint modification and space planning. It also incorporates some […]

Guest Room Remix

Angel in a Winter Wonderland Mantel - close
Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year.  It’s the ONE time when it’s okay for grown ups to be covered in glitter, everyone is (mostly) happy, and it’s the perfect time to create traditions and to make a difference in others’ lives. […]

My Favorite Christmas Mantels of 2015

Thanksgiving table
Entertaining can be stressful enough, especially around the holidays.  Give yourself a break and don’t worry about your holiday dining decor.  Make holiday entertaining a breeze by using these 3 tips to keep dining decorating simple and stress free. But first, a refresher. In 5 Steps […]

Update your Dining Decor in 3 Quick Steps

My New Home Office
Hi there! Xtraordinary by Design is working on rearranging some "accessories". The site will be available again shortly, please stop by again.

A Peek Inside My Home Office   Recently updated!

TV Corner & Book Nook
So often I have clients who have a clearly defined room and even have most of items they need in the space.  Usually these are the hardest to deal with because they think “the bones are there, I like this and I like that, so why […]

The Kid Cave – A Kid’s Room Remix

Shared Home Office Spa
They say everything is bigger in Texas and from what I’ve seen, that may very well be true. But that’s all changing pretty fast around here. High rises are on the rise, and even in what may be considered large homes, families are getting bigger […]

7 Decorating Tips to Get The Home Office You Need ...

The Interior Designer vs Decorator conversation/debate has been done to death.  And honestly, I highly doubt that anyone really cares except perhaps the folks holding the certifications. For me and my (current and future) clients, I’d like to put the debate to rest once and for […]

Interior Designer vs Decorator – To Certify or Not To ...

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